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board_of_directorsIn the community association context, members commonly confuse the roles of members of the Board of Directors and those of officers of the Association.   This is understandable since in many community associations, the Association officers also serve as members of the Board.   However, as in any non-profit corporation, the roles of members of the Board of Directors and officers of a community association are distinct, and a clear understanding of this distinction is essential to proper community association governance.

The membership of the community association elects members of the Board of Directors pursuant to the association’s Bylaws.   This election commonly occurs at the Association’s annual meeting.  Once elected, the Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the community association, and members of the Board are the only parties entitled to vote on actions taken by the association as a corporation.  For example, the Board determines by majority vote how monies are spent, when to hire and fire employees and contractors, and how to handle a broad range of other responsibilities for the community.